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Styczeń 26, 2018

The cleaning services market is highly competitive. Companies fight for every client and clients can choose between offers of many different companies. Price is usually the main argument in ongoing negotiations which affects the profitability of new projects and the value of the whole industry significantly. The Optima Solutions software provides tools which allow the following:

you know what’s worth the trouble

We provide functions which help calculate client service costs. Thanks to that you know what offers you can place and how much you will earn from them. In case of hard negotiations, you will know how much you can go down on your proposed prices and when to leave the table.

you get strong arguments

Our tools allow you to calculate service costs based on hard data in advance. Offers prepared this way are more credible. They provide more arguments than just the final price. It suddenly becomes possible to include details on which the competitive offers are built. These details build the faith in the implementation possibilities of the offer.

you are trustworthy

Optima Solutions software facilitates good relations with the client during the realisation of the contract. The system provides a full and updated status of the tasks which are realised for the client. The client knows what was cleaned and when. He knows the updated schedule of planned tasks. He sees the quality control results and full history of submissions and complaints. Therefore the client is reassured that everything is being
realised according to the plan and nothing is being hidden from him.

you can communicate with your client easily

Support of communication between the users of the system is one of its important perks. Thanks to that the client may submit questions, suggestions and complaints directly to people responsible for the management of client’s locations. System stores full history of conversations with the client which is used for qualitative analyses and improvement of company’s processes.

you get a loyal client

The quality of provided services and certainty that a signed contract is being realised according to the arrangements translate to the client’s satisfaction. In the end, the risk that the competition will take our place is reduced.

you care about the quality of your services

The system supports realisation of tasks in accordance to a plan. An individual task schedule specifying what needs to be done where and when, can be prepared for each employee. The schedule includes the reservation of required tools and equipment.Seasonal duties and tasks derived from additional orders can also be planned in advance. Planned and completed tasks are systematically evaluated from the qualitative point of view. The checklist mechanism allows you to identify shortcomings in advance and
prevent growing customer’s discontent.

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