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Styczeń 26, 2018

Mobile apps are not only about availability and convenience. Our solutions are so much more.

The main advantage of the mobile app is the fact that portable devices (smartphones, tablets) can be kept on hand at all times. Whether you are in the office, in a car, or on location, you have the access to all necessary tools. The other, equally important feature of the mobile app is being in constant contact with other users of the system. You can exchange information with them, order tasks to be realised or help realise them or control your subordinates. You will be immediately notified about any problems or

Mobile tools make managing individual employees easy. You can easily and
understandably present him or her their tasks, monitor the realisation and then evaluate the completed tasks. This way you can build mechanisms encouraging the personnel to work more effectively and improve the efficiency of the company. Mobile apps also support the work of the team. They supplement the cooperation environment so that the guidelines for operation can be specified, resources can be shared and efficient communication is possible. Constant access to the tools required for work guarantees effective work of all participants of the task.

The possibilities offered by mobile apps originate from the functional qualities of the portable devices on which the apps are used. GPS transmitters allow location of app users and may be set to share given functionalities in certain locations. This way we can make location documents available onsite or notify managers about tasks which are
incomplete at specific location. The GPS transmitter can also be used to confirm the presence of the user in a place specified in the task schedule. QR codes may also be used to confirm presence. These codes may be scanned with a smartphone or tablet camera. Pictures taken with a built-in camera may also help users document completed tasks. This way you can record finished tasks or illustrate encountered problems.

Everything thanks to one device running a mobile app, which you can carry with you at all times. The functions may differ depending on current user’s responsibilities and assigned tasks. All clear and easy.

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